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  1. >Wait, I thought the joke was the idea of Maher saying something funny?It really wasn't clever. It was just Carlin's "Football vs Baseball" only angrier and without the humor.

  2. >Actually, come to think of it, he's right.Football is so expensive that you have to be rich already to participate, even from the stands, and the game is being run by guys in glass boxes way above you. Every so often, the referees allegedly running things get overruled by the mysterious "men upstairs" if they think they called it wrong on the field. If you are even thinking about playing, you're going to need a thousand dollars of safety equipment or you'll end up with broken bones and brain damage.On the other hand, with baseball, everyone can afford to go to at least one game, everyone gets a shot to catch a fly ball, and if you want to play at home, all you need is a ball and a stick.

  3. >Usually sports glosses past me, and all I can think about, if I have to stay in the room while it's on, is the shapes and colors and costumes and physiques… but now it's got the layer of socio-politics – touchdown, Bill! (ha ha)

  4. >No offense, but I think that Bill Maher is a smug, arrogant prick. Penn Jillette beats him any day when it comes to insightful social, political, and religious commentary.

  5. >I am a fan of Mr. Mahrer, but in this instance he is as wrong as he can be. The NFL is not socialism, an equal sharing for the benefit of the less fortunate, it is rather monopolistic collusion at its worst . Who in the right mind, for instance, would want to watch a game between Cincinnati and Buffalo, or Carolina and the Redskins? But by expanding to 32 teams and acting in collusion, the NFL forces CBS and Fox to broadcast, and pay for, 14 games a week rather than the three or four folks would want to see. Their draft, rather than being an example of egalitarianism, bordesr on involuntary servitude for any young man who wants to turn pro. (Well paid servitude to be sure, but with little choice as to his employer or the terms of his employment.) Why would the NFL, do you imagine, require an anti-trust exemption for their scheme if all they were really involved in was sharing the wealth?

  6. >Any team sport is like communism, b/c the team must share all it has among its members in order to win. Gosh, the team members must also share their prize medal or trophy or even money. If most of the revenue goes to the manager, then that's capitalism ;) Sports that involve only individuals are of the capitalist kind. Originally christians were communists, but for most of their history since, they managed to stay closer to capitalism :)

  7. >Any team sport is like communism, b/c the team must share all it has among its members in order to win.By this logic, capitalism is communism because an employer has to share his earnings with his employees.

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