1. Truly Scary bunnies….I always HATED posing with Easter Bunnies and Santa! Creepy, like Clowns!! AAAAAaaaaag!

  2. “No, dear, there’s no such things as monsters! Now get to sleep! Tomorrow will be a big day: we’re going to go visit that giant rodent that sneaks into our house at night.”

  3. Oh good lord Dan, that last one is eye-poison, but still priceless! (All of them are hilarious; thanks for posting.)

    Yahoo for Zombie Jesus Bunny!

  4. I love the top one in the bunch. God damn, but that is one evil-assed-looking bunny.

    Y’ever visit a site called They’re run by the Cheezburger folks, the ones who publish FAILblog. It’s nothing but photos of really wretched-assed, third-rate bunny-suit-wearing people, usually doing the Kids Posing With The Easter Bunny thing. If you were ever unsure of the wisdom or rationality of the Photos Of Kids Sitting In The Easter Bunny’s Lap A La Santa At The Mall business, this should put the issue to rest. You should see some of the kids having total batshit freakouts while they’re trying to escape the lap of some guy wearing a horrible giant bunny outfit. I don’t blame the kids, honestly.

    • I’d never seen that site before but I just got lost there in ecstasy. Thanks for the tip, I’ll be linking to it a lot I have a feeling!

  5. Ooooh, the last one is Scotty the Big Blue Bunny. He hosts (or at least he used to five years ago) the burlesque show in the Slipper Room on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Terrific entertainer, and just as good an MC as his counterpart Doctor Donut (who has a cameo in the movie Shortbus)

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