My new favorite reader is Jeff. Jeff first wrote to me a few weeks back when I included a Fiat Multipla from the 1960s in this Sunday cartoon. Jeff owns a few of these amazing little vehicles and wondered why I chose it for the cartoon. I told him I chose it because it’s so cool looking and that I am jealous that he has actual ones to look at instead of just the Internet images I have to placate myself with.

Yesterday, Jeff sent me the picture below, next to one of his Multiplas, complete with Bizarro Secret Symbols. This herculean effort has earned Jeff the title of Bizarro Reader of the Month!

If you’d like to be the NEXT Bizarro Reader of the Month, send me something cool, fun, groovy, cute, or otherwise notable. You can even just send a pic of yourself and a story about why you’d like to be the Reader of the Month. I can’t wait to post about YOU!


10 thoughts on “Bizarro READER OF THE MONTH!

  1. Oh, wow, man. I’d almost forgotten about those little beasts. Kinda reminds me of an Isetta, only larger. In fact, the Isetta made the Multipla look positively spacious.

    When I was a young tween back in the late ’60s, when my Dad was in the Army and our family stationed in Germany, the streets were positively crawling with Isettas and Multiplas. In fact, while our family was out on Sunday drives, we often encountered Isettas on the Autobahn passing us as if we were parked, which always amazed the hell out of me.

  2. I see, not surprisingly, that you did very well in most of the details of Multipla. However, I caught one mistake: the wipers are backwards, not only compared to the original picture, but to all cars I know.

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