Monkey Shines for the Lord


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Today’s offering is a fun little ditty about the power of creative thinking. This is one of my buddy Wayno‘s concoctions that was inspired by one I did a few months back. These chimps are very time consuming to draw and I’m a super-busy, super-important big shot, so I plopped this image together on computer using elements from the earlier cartoon. I still had to redraw certain elements fairly extensively, but using some of the older cartoon saved me a lot of time. Which I used to do super-important things. Cartoonists do this sort of thing all the time but they rarely admit it. But you and I have no secrets, so I’m copping to it without hesitation.

Then there’s this cartoon from my uber-wordsmith buddy, Cliff. He’s a wiz with words in simple, but clever and original ways. I envy him.

Someone once wrote to me criticizing me for my heaven/hell cartoons, accusing me of attempting to evanglize readers with my depictions of Christian beliefs. I politely informed him that I am doing no such thing, but that heaven, hell, angels, and devils are terrific symbols that enable a satirist such as myself to comment on the human condition in a visual language that virtually anyone can understand. That’s why these characters were invented by humankind in the first place. The reason mythology is so ubiquitous throughout human history is because it works so well.

So there.

Hope you have a great day, my precious blog reader. Without you, none of these words or images would matter to anyone but me. Thanks for lending me your eyes.

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23 thoughts on “Monkey Shines for the Lord

  1. Bli’me, mate, I know you said your a “big shot” these days, but I didn’t realise you meant Donald Trump “big”!

    Particularly like the punnily apposite devil/angel cartoon, and I’m intrigued to hear you being accused of attempted evangelization, especially since I’ve just been reading one the UK’s poshest most highbrow papers, the Observer, where one of its leading feature writers’s getting the hump over accusations activist atheists like him’re guilty of foisting their views on others in exactly the same way religious people are!

  2. Have to say, I would love to see a Bizarro book with just all your religious cartoons in, They are hilarious. On my wall I have an old one of your cartoons of a guy at his doctor’s office with a back problem because he has a fat angel sitting on one shoulder and a fat devil sat on the other – it makes me laugh every time I look at it (just about every day)

  3. “No Thanks, I’m Good” – another punny not saved for Sunday (along with Mobius

    Strip Steak). Keep ’em coming!

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  5. I shared today’s comic with my positive thinking group today and I asked them for help trying to figure out what you meant by this comic.

    You caption it “The Power of Positive Thinking” and have each monkey doing the opposite of what his sign says – what message are you trying to convey – because I just don’t get it.

    I would be very grateful if you could kindly explain this comic to me. :-)

    • Thanks for the comment, Donna. It’s just a funny way of showing characters thinking creatively and putting a “positive” spin on their predicament. The chimp can’t “see” evil, but he can still hear and speak it. :o)

  6. Thank you so much for your awesome blog. I didn’t realize how stressed out I was until I came here and started laughing.

  7. So, Heaven and angels and such are made up by mankind? Ironic words coming from someone I made up. THe flea believes there’s no dog and yet it’s the dog’s blood that keeps him alive.

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  10. Funny that you mentioned your uber-wordsmith buddy, Cliff….because your monkey creation was just quoted in wordsmith A Word A Day issue in a discussion about the word Pollyana.

  11. A newsletter is sent by email and I’m not sure how to send it to you.

    This is copy..

    “From: Alex

    Subject: Pollyanna

    Def: A naively cheerful and optimistic person.

    The discussion of positive thinking reminds me of a Bizarro comic by artist Dan Piarro showing this variation on the standard “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.” I thought that was very clever and very funny, and I’m all about clever and funny!

    Alex, California”

    or subscribe to AWAD at

    your work was quoted in AWADmail Issue 538

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