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Bizarro is brought to you today by Life’s Little Journeys.

As I have mentioned in a previous post or two, I am currently living like a gypsy in Los Angeles. I moved here last weekend from my previous (and much cooler-sounding) headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, and am looking for a place to live. In the meantime, I am living in an old carnival wagon at the edge of town, dressed in a flowing scarf dress and shawl. I’m giving the occasional Tarot card reading to make extra cash.

Because I am out of pocket and most of my stuff is on a moving van somewhere between the East and West Coasts, it has been hard to keep up with my blogging efforts. I hope I have not lost too many readers with my sporadic postificationizing.

Many readers have asked why I have moved, and so in order to stem the tide of personal responses I’ve had to send out, I will say now officially that my reasons are three-fold: the weather is better (the way warm chocolate is better than cold, damp sand), I hope to get a foothold in the TV animation world, and my beloved CHNW and I have split up. This final reason was and remains very sad but I won’t be discussing it publicly. Suffice to say that life handed us lemmings and we’re doing our best to make lemmingade. We have committed to remain friends, so that’s one good thing, at least.

Back to cartooning: If you don’t understand this Cole Porter gag, you’re not alone. I heard from a guy living under a rock in northern Canada who didn’t get it, either. Here’s a clue: look up the lyrics to Porter’s classic, “Let’s Do It.”

(Note: If you don’t like Cole Porter’s songs, seek medical attention. You may have a large piece of your brain missing.)





Here’s a fun gag about Krazy Glue, which is a real product if you didn’t know. (In this age of the Interwebs, you cannot be certain that all of your readers are from a place that has the same stores as you do.) This gag idea came from my “known associate,” Wayno. He talks about these things here. Wayno’s Wiggly Wigwam Wonderland.


Wayno also collaborated with me on this gag. He’s been helping me a lot in recent months as I prepared for my move. Thanks, W!

He waxes poetic about it here: Click.


It occurs to me that you might need the perfect gift for all occasions and a low low price. This is surely it!


59 thoughts on “Lemming Fleas Krazy Kamp

  1. I am proud to say that I got your Cole Porter reference right away. If one doesn’t know Cole Porter songs, one is way too young to be reading Bizarro! That’s my feeling about it and I’m stickin’ to it. I love your toons!! I miss the fish and pie, though!

  2. Maybe the Cole Porter gag would be clearer if the caption was –

    “Cole Porter researching how educated fleas do it. 1928”

    Might be a too wordy, but I’d get it written in that way.

  3. Oh man, sorry to hear about the breakup…the ole relationship bugbear…sigh. Well, LA’s another opening door and I trust you’ll soldier on resolutely. I wish you the best of luck in that!

  4. Glad to have you back. You and your humor/opinions were missed. Very sorry to hear about you and CHNW, but I’ve been there, so…. My best wishes to you both. I know it’s odd and difficult.

    Onward to different and hopefully better things… Enjoy L.A. Watch out for phonies.

  5. Truly sorry for what you’re going through. Regardless of the details, these things are usually very painful and I hope you find some solace in the warmth and beauty of Southern California. I would highly recommend the Glendale/Burbank area as a place to park your wagon.

    And also, I LOVED the Cole Porter comic and the look on the lemmingade guy’s face.

  6. Thank you for sharing a bit of your personal life. I hope things look better soon I am glad that you have remained friends. Life is better when we are on friendly terms with those around us. I hope you much success in the animation field, perhaps a series like Family Guy? The Simpsons? Your twisted humor would serve well on tv I think. Best of luck


  7. Thanks for the smile….not too easy for me lately…..especially when I’m told I should be happy with what is…..sometimes life just sucks…. so thanks for a consistency in my life..and a place I can relate to.. ‘Lemmingade! ROADIE fantasy camp! Nuerotic Glue!!!, actually laughing now….Im pretty sure I need the Krazy glue to hold me together at this pt. gotta check the Cole referrence tho .. :) another Dan mystery.. then look for the treasures.. : ) so Im really into Duck tape lately.. at least I was for two days..desinging and making ducktape cellphone cases, belts wallets.. etc.. to sell at a MACC (midwest athletes against childhood cancer) fund event… ( i hope the kids might like it)…anyway I thought that might help since my ability to be a social and environmental activist has been curtailed due to health issues… Ive been fascinated with duck tape since I saw the prom dresses people made… and then I saw a few wallets some 10 year olds made.. I find them really cheerful and fun…duck tape comes in lots of cool colors too. Perhaps my obssesion with DT is related to the Crazy glue gag…looking for something to hold my life together… could you do a duck tape comic please? or is there already one somewhere by you? hell even the word is funny : )

  8. Eep… Sorry to hear about the reasons for the move, Dan. Well, the last one specifically. Strange, it never bothers me to hear about “celebrities” having trouble in their private lives but, well, this made me a little sad – so it seems you’re not a “celebrity” in my head. I hope you take that as a compliment, it’s certainly meant that way. Hope the future works out the way you want it to!

  9. Ah, sorry to hear your bad news. Life does go on, though, and good things keep happening, even though it might not feel that way right now.

    Anyway, you’ve got all us Jazz Pickles! Loved the Cole Porter ‘toon – what do you mean there are people who wouldn’t get that one?

  10. Wow. I came to the comments to jokingly hope that you hadn’t blown away in the LA windstorm.

    Then I read your comment about you and CHNW. I’m saddened. I do hope that you do remain amicable/friends. I have a lot of respect and admiration for you both. Whatever your personal reasons were, I wish you both happiness, together or apart.

  11. Hi Dan,

    I’m having trouble finding a particular cartoon of yours I’d like to slap on a mug and buy for my mom – it’s the one where Adam’s on his phone and holding up the “just a minute” finger to God. Is that already in the store somewhere? Could it be?


  12. When I clicked on your Cole Porter lyrics link (and yes, I know who Cole Porter was, and yes, I even understood the comic – I just like clicking on your links because I like little surprises…) a photo of Keith Urban popped up. I guess even he and Nicole Kidman do it.

  13. Hey Dan

    Sorry to hear about your troubles but I’m excited about your new possibilities. Let me know if I can help, and if you need a place to crash if you come thru Texas.

  14. Sorry to hear of your troubles. I wish you both the best. You may wish to check out a food lovers blog…”The Amatuer Gormet.” he just moved to LA, and has been blogging about some of the great little Mexican food carts there, as well as other “food finds.” Welcome to the West Coast!

  15. Hi Dan,

    Really sorry to hear about your break-up. I hope your move to LA brings you all the happiness and success you seek in all your personal and professional life. Take Care and really glad to see that you are still able to cheer us all up with your cartoons, despite what you are going through!

  16. When I read your reasons for the move, I went from Mmmm warm chocolate to Hey! :) that’s so Gre…WHAT?! :(

    I’m not gonna say I’m sorry and hope you move on or that you get back together and stuff like that, though the way you wrote your posts made us like her at least a lot if not as much as You liked her and maybe still do. It is none of my business. I’m not even going to try to hand out optimistic lines to try to cheer you up – sometimes the suckiness needs to be embraced and dealt with if you don’t wanna crash hard from your first attempt at faux optimism high. But life Can sometimes be good when we hate it so much…. But again, none of our business.

    What is very much our business is…. TV Cartoon?! Awesome! Are you maybe trying to create certain characters for a series, or will it be themed like your daily comics. Will really look forward to it. Do you have a YouTube channel by any chance? Will you be putting up a few of them there as a sort of ‘audition’. Maybe the hits your videos will get will make all the TV studio Execs – waving huge contracts – bang on the door of your old carnival wagon in no time! Best of Luck and do keep us Updated. Here’s to your future!

    Your Fan,

    Dee Sh

  17. We support and appreciate you as always, Dan. Thanks so much for making us laugh–you’re really brilliant. I hope you enjoy Los Angeles.

  18. I was at the First Thursday artwalk in San Pedro last night. There were several storefront/studio spaces available. Every studio I’ve been in has a large rear work area with skylights. San Pedro is kind of far from the animators guild and the miracle mile area but it pretty awesome in my opinion. Except for the smokers. Tons of smokers. Smokers are bigger air polluters than the port of L.A.. I prefer the west side of San Pedro. Dramatic cliffs, gorgeous sunsets, fantastic birds are some of the things that this place can provide your soul for ZERO DOLLARS. San Pedro was in an old Dragnet episode about an auto chop shop ring because the people here are big on restoring old cars are motorcycles. My two hay pennies. And there is an international hostel, several halfway houses and a mission if things get really bad$$$.

  19. Thanks for sharing, Dan. You’re the only cartoonist that I know anything about – at least in a day-to-day way. Bizarro has been my favourite for as long as I remember – even if you haven’t used any of my punnies suggestions. You deserve the warmer climate of California … and you deserve a lucrative TV animation contract that will make you rich. If you get it, I’ll start watching TV. Or maybe there will be a Bizarro movie….

  20. And so it goes

    Till the day you die

    This thing they call love

    It’s gonna make you cry

    I’ve had the blues

    The reds and the pinks

    One thing for sure

    Love stinks!


    (j. geils band)

    • I’d forgotten about that song, thanks for the refresher. Oddly enough ––and this is entirely true–– when I got married the first time, March 8th, 1980, my new wife and I watched Saturday Night Live from our hotel bed on our wedding night. J. Geils Band was the musical guest that night (look it up!) and they played that song. We laughed, not knowing how true it was and would be for the two of us. :o)

  21. Sorry about the strong winds, Dan. We do have “interesting” weather here.

    On the other matter, however it works out, both you and CHNW deserve to be Happy, whatever that looks like for each of you. Keep smiling.

  22. Dan,

    I’m sorry to hear that you and your CHNW have split up, but it sounds like friendship will be possible and that’s a really good thing. Glad you’re posting again in the midst of all the turmoil – I hope you get the new Bizarro Headquarters set up to your liking in record time.

    Take care…your Jazz Pickles have missed you!


  23. Your news about your recent split made me cry….. literally.

    I don’t know either of you, so the tears surprised me. But I felt a sense of familiarity with your occasional updates on the crazy happenings in your relationship.

    I feel sad that sometimes life is sad for others, because I just want everyone to win! Me, mostly….. (ha.)

    Breaking up is crap. I’m truly sad that happened. Your fortitude and bravery is uplifting and inspiring though.

    (My wish for you: good fortune for you in L.A.!)

    • Well, thanks, Lacey, and so sorry to have upset you. I certainly didn’t intend to upset anyone. CHNW and I will be just fine, so don’t give it another thought. Upon every life a little rain must fall. (You may quote me)

  24. Thanks for continued posts despite current upheaval… hope you know how much your audience appreciates it! Keep doing what you do, and I hope the west coast move brings you much joy and opportunity… if nothing else, there should be some good veg restaurants there, at least! Sending a non-prayer, general sort of positivity beam in your direction… be well, friend bizarro-dude! :-)

  25. Hi Dan,

    Welcome to L.A. Like the other posts, I’m sorry it was less than a joyous experience. I imagine you have a lot of cartoonist friends here and perhaps they’ve mentioned CAPS. If not, you can check it out at http://www.capscentral.org

    CAPS meetings are at the Animation Guild building.

    There is also an active chapter of NCS in town.

    There are a lot of nice areas to live in Los Angeles and vicinity depending on what environment you seek. I know a couple real estate agents, if you have the need. Let me know if I can help in any way.

    Regards, Gary

  26. After being asked ‘what advice do you have for young performers just starting out in Hollywood?’ Elizabeth Taylor responded with “Take Fountain.” My only add to that is “If Fountain is too messed up take Willoughby.”

    Good luck in L.A.–there really are many good, decent, creative people there. Who knows? You might even meet some of them…

  27. Hi Dan! Just wanted to send lots of positive vibes your way =) LA has lots of nooks and crannies to explore and I’m sure you’ll find your way. I just moved back here after living abroad (I used some of your older cartoons as examples for my students when I taught English, ha!), so I can definitely empathize with the upheaval. Good luck with everything!

  28. Have you given any consideration at all with translating your web site in to Spanish? I know a several of translaters here which might help you do it for no cost if you want to contact me personally.

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