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Bizarro is brought to you today by Holiday Weekend!

I won’t spend a lot of time blogging today because I’ve got holiday events to attend. Since I don’t celebrate Xmas and I’m tired of Festivus, I’ve decided this year to give tribute to Kwanzaa. Some people are all, “that’s just a made-up holiday!” Well, guess what, genius, ALL holidays are made up, by definition. Nature doesn’t have holidays, you big goober. You probably feel silly now, don’t you? Well, you should but it’s the holiday season so let’s just move past that in the spirit of forgiveness.

So I don’t actually know crap about Kwanzaa and wasn’t sure how to celebrate it but I decided that walking around all week in black face and a dashiki would be a good start. Like all new traditions, however, most people are resistant to the idea and some are downright offended. I think that once it catches on it will be more festive and less contentious. If a celebrity appears on TV or something in black face during Kwanzaa, that will turn the tide completely and everyone will be doing it. Like Ted Danson, for instance.

Meanwhile, enjoy these holiday cartoons in whatever way your own beliefs and traditions allow. (i.e.: if you’re Jewish you’ll find pretty much everything funny, if you’re a Pentecostal Christian, you’ll find nothing funny and you’re risking your eternal soul by evening visiting this web site. Every other religion is somewhere in between.)

The nativity cartoon above is one of my favorites of late. It’s not opening editorial, as many of my Xmas cartoons have been, it just lets the reader assume what they will about the connection between the legendary birth of The Messiah, and a flying reindeer.

Below is a cavalcade of Xmas comics from years past. I hope you find at least one that does not make you vomit your egg nogg.


25 thoughts on “Christmas Cavalcade O’Comics

  1. I see from the text that you have been celebrating; good! I guess that I’d best get at it and catch up.

    I wish you happiness and peace in the new year.

  2. The “stocking stuffer” from ’06 made me lol. And the Frankenstein ‘toon is one of your truly sublime works: it’s warm and cozy and full of X-mas cheer and camaraderie, and yet macabre at the same time. I love Frank’s big feet and comfy jammies.

    I’m glad to hear LA is starting to treat you well. We were at Tybee Island, GA for a week last week and saw a guy with your style hat and beard in the museum at Fort Screven. My wife and I turned to each other almost simultaneously and said “[looks like] Piraro.” Then as a bonus, we got a photo of a guy riding on a vintage BMW motorcycle alongside of our car…. it was a Piraro two-fer.

  3. Oh my I laughed till I cried. Love the cavalcade of past comics..Thanks ever so much for sharing.. Enjoy this time of fun and merriment. Happy Kwanzaa

  4. Dan, I’m curious as to why two comics are labelled “2010” without the usual full day and month. Is there something about their origins that makes these different from the others?

    It’s snowing here today. That’s something you’re not going to see much at Christmas (or ever) in L.A.!

  5. Speaking of greeting cards my wife and I loved this year’s Manger Mirth–we want next season’s greetings cards to have that scene on them! Tell me they will be available…

  6. so hard to choose a favorite of all these wonderful comics….the Reindeer gift is just so sweet and adorable.. Ghost of Christmas honesty made me laugh out loud… (can relate to that one… I have to prepare weeks in advance of family xmas to get my honesty ghost to behave or else!) but the one I adore is the baby sock brothers!!! I want a baby sock now! socks are so happy.. My dogs love steal, carry around and chew the bejeezes out of them. One time when my friend watched our Golden retriver Champ at her house, she was doing laundry in the basement..she was so sure she had more socks than what was there to wash……Champ was around.. up and down the stairs..turns out he had snuck a bunch of dirty socks one by one and deposited them all on my friends nice bedspread in her room!

    socks are the perfect gift! I will buy some Bizarro socks if you Knit some for me Dan!

  7. So, can we expect to see these printed and bundled as holiday cards for next year? Hit us up in the fall for pre-orders and see if you can get enough interest to pursue the venture.

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