End-of-Year Rodent


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This week begins another guest cartoonist week by Wayno. As you readers “in the know” know, newspaper cartoons (other than editorial ones) are typically done weeks ahead of time. Back in November when I was preparing to leave NYC, I needed to get way ahead on deadlines to clear some time for myself to pack, move, find a new place, move in, find my art supplies and computer, and get started working again. During that time, it was a huge help to have Wayno barf up another week of cartoons for me. Thanks, pal. So from now through Sunday, Jan 1, you’ll see some of his crazy cartoon concoctions. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed not having to create them.

Here, of course, is Wayno’s blog with his daily comments about the gags you’ll see this week: WaynoBlog

Did anyone have a good holiday weekend? I’m not big on celebrating Xmas but I wish there was a Santa Claus for grown-ups who, instead of bringing things in the middle of the night, would put things away. I’d love to wake up on Xmas morning to find that my house had been cleaned up.

Back to work. I’m hammering out cartoons for mid-January today.


8 thoughts on “End-of-Year Rodent

  1. Happy Holidays and Welcome to your New Home.

    Love your blog and your gags. I can almost always find the eyeball now after a year of not knowing it was there. sometimes I find the other little stuff altho never all of them. Could you (once again for us slow folks) list the little side pics in your artwork Danny ?~!

  2. One thing that I really appreciate about your comics is your ability to draw/compose any subject and render it in your unique style. Most comics have a limited favorite group of subjects that their creators stick to (Beetle Bailey, Dennis the Menace, et al), and I imagine these creators can almost draw them blindfolded. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a gerbil in a comic before, and yours looks perfectly natural, while remaining consistent with your style. Add in the wise men, plumbers, sock puppets, etc, from your recent posts — it must take some time to figure each new subject out and draw it. Thanks for your efforts!

    • Thanks for your comment, Patrick, I really appreciate the compliment. I’ve always enjoyed variety and bet bored drawing the same things over and over, which is why I designed a comic wherein I could go anywhere and do anything. I should mention, however, that this week my cartoons are all drawn by a guest cartoonist named Wayno. So it is Wayno’s brilliant gerbil that you are admiring. :o) His website is linked in the post if you want to check out more of his work.

  3. If you’re doing mid-January cartoons at the end of December, that means you’re working with a two-to-three week buffer period. Is that more-than, less-than, or pretty close to typical?

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