Mayan Mahem


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In this first week of 2012, the last year of the world as we know it, this cartoon of mine from ’09 has really been making the rounds. People are posting it all over the interwebs: forwarding it in emails, putting it on their Book of Faces pages, etc. I’m cool with that, as long as my copyright is legible and it is linked to this blog site whenever possible.

The strangest use of this comic so far, however, is the bizarre picture below, sent to me via email by a reader in Denmark. She couldn’t say where it was from and I have no idea either. I think it is hilarious that someone went to all the trouble to recreate this comic in a photo. Why not just use my comic? But still, the result is fantastically odd and charmingly awkward. I can’t help but be flattered.

If anyone can find out where this came from, I’ll send you an autographed one dollar bill. Why an autographed one dollar bill? I don’t know, it’s just the first thing that came to mind and all I can afford at the moment. I’d love to contact these guys and find out what the reason behind this kooky image is and what they’re using it for.

A lot of similar cartoons have been done about the Mayan calendar prediction hoax. Some before mine, some after. It’s inevitable with this kind of topic. Many people have hilariously pointed out that if the Mayas were so good at predictions, their culture would still be here. The first time I heard that, it made me LOL out loud.

So get cracking Bizarro Jazz Pickles. I want these nutty wack-monkeys delivered to my throne immediately! I shall decide whether to have them beheaded after I’ve spoken to them.

In the meantime, you can get my Maya cartoon on a gazillian different products right here. Spend as much as you like on these things, the world is ending this year anyway and you won’t need your money. (Here’s my personal favorite)


29 thoughts on “Mayan Mahem

  1. I searched the interwebs (google) for about 10 minutes, before giving up on your photo-origination-search. That’s almost 3 times as long as my new year’s resolutions lasted!

    A Fantastically Delightful New Year ahead to You and fellow Jazz-Pickles!

    • I have the origin…says the Mexican-American standing with an AZTEC calender. Conflation Nation is the par. Aztec, Mayans / very different cultures. Think…catholic, protestant. WOW! my auto-correct just capitalized two of the 4 aforementioned religions. And now I sound contrived. Typed in less than 3.25 minutes.

  2. hahaha Yeah the blanket wrap is quite stunning. I think I will purchase one for my friends and myself. They should be very comfy on that December night, right before Christmas. A question that has been dancing around in my brain, is should I set up a tree next year, or is it just a waste of time?

    If it gives you any comfort, each time I have seen your cartoon, I have given a thought to you and your copyrights. I wish you well.


  3. O’Connor’s Pub in Doolin, County Clare, Ireland has most of the walls behind the bar covered in… autographed U.S. one-dollar bills! It seems that somebody put comments and their name on a bill and gave it to the bartender, who then posted it. There are now hundreds of them, with a handful of bills from other countries, as well. I don’t know how many other places might do this – it’s the only one I have encountered… but I’m not that much of a drinker.

  4. Here’s a method of searching for it that others with more patience than I might be able to use:

    1. use advanced image search:

    2. search for “calendar-comic” which is the name of the photo Dan posted.

    3. When you put your mouse over the photo that Dan Posted in the search results there is a link at the bottom of the pop-up window that says “similar”, click on it.

    4. on the left side of the results are a set of options for narrowing your results, scroll down to select “photo”

    5. go through those search results looking for a duplicate of the photo Dan posted.

    If everyone does their part I’m sure we can get through the 3.8 million search results in no time!

  5. Just a comment from a fan of yours (in Mexico City) the calendar used in your cartoon is from the aztecs often confused with the mayans, because the aztec’s is more popular and wrongly linked to the mayan’s.

    Great joke anyway!

    • A lot of people have pointed that out. If you go to Google Images and type in “Mayan Calendar” all of the images that pop up are that Aztec calendar, so that’s why cartoonists always depict it that way, I guess. :o)

  6. The photo composition is kind of offensive and contributes to create stereotypes. I lived in a maya community in México and their are good people, with a very interesting culture. In my opinion Cartoon is OK but not the photo. My suggestion is you should not to publish the photo even compare or to create controversy, but that is your choice. I would feel better if you take out the photo. However good cartoons.

    • I understand your point, but the guys in the photo are clearly trying to imitate the cartoon in a clumsy and goofy way and not depict actual Maya, so I don’t find it offensive. Thanks for your input, though. :o)

      • I was thinking better and I still disagree with you. In Mexico an AIDS campaing was just recentley canceceld because of the social critics. People felt discrimination in the publicity despite the purpose of the campaing. What happens if I forward the link and the photo to all my contacts in the maya area of Mexico and they dislike it? You will receive a bunch of email. I tryed to explain you that I don’t feel well with the photo. Even the photo is a joke I feel it could be used for discriminatory reasons. No matter your feelings you should also understand the other point of view and be empathetic. At the end it is your choice.

        • I do understand your points, Edgar, and I am respectful of them. But in the world of comedy, the more you disallow, the more we lose the ability to see the humor in life. I do consider these things before I post or publish and do not use things I cannot defend. In the end, all we have to guide us is our own system of ethics. You are guided by yours in writing to me, as well you should, and I am guided by mine, as I should be.

  7. Dear Piraro:

    There is a mistake in your “end of the world” mayan cartoon. The “mayan” calendar you depict there is actually the AZTEC calendar ;)

    So…we wait for you to re-submit the corrected version of your cartoon.

    (Note that I look like one of those nasty scientific-peer reviewers that reject papers to be published – I’m not one, not yet! HAHAHA).

    PD Nice cartoon!

    • Yes, lots of people point this out all of the time. But if you Google “Mayan Calendar” all you get are pics of the one in this cartoon. So virtually all cartoons on the subject use this same kind of calendar. It’s a vicious cycle and one that may well lead to the end of the world, just as the Mayans predicted. :o(

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  9. Does anyone know which of Mr. Piraro’s books or newspaper publication date of a Bizarro comic from likely the 90’s that featured a clergyman by a dumpster holding a garbage bag, ostensibly full of human ashes, with the caption, “Ernie was an unpretentious man”?

    Odd, but it has sentimental value.

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  12. Is your “ran out of room” Mayan Calendar cartoon creation being printed on t-shirts anywhere? If so, I cannot find it. If not, I would like to have it printed through my Starbuckstore at I just want one for me, but I really, really want one as soon as possible. If anyone else sees it and wants one, wouldn’t you like royalties? Thanks.

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