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I like this gag a lot and assumed it was a harmless little play on words. Not to one reader, apparently. Below is one of my favorite bits of hate mail in a good while.

Your’e obviously a Liberal- it’s noticeable in your comics- in the regular little jabs at conservative Americans.
Bet this just blows your ass that your favorite Facist, B.O., Nobama; Owebama-whatever you want to call the lying, racist, piece of shit he is -is dropping like a boulder over a cliff in popularity.
People are finally waking up- Thank GOD- oh, sorry- you probably don’t like that word- too bad.

I do like your work- most of the time. So go ahead ,if it makes you feel better-and continue with the pathetic little jabs at Americans-like your piece today, you poor thing.

Bless your heart.

Aside from her blatant, Fox News zombified view of current events, my favorite part of this is the condescending “poor thing” and “bless your heart” at the end. I replied with a polite note in response saying, truthfully, that I wasn’t sure what she was talking about. What does this cartoon have to do with politics or conservativism? Her response:

Dan- thank you for responding. It is obvious by your cartoon that you feel anyone that carries a gun is an extremist. B.O. said as much during his campaign with his “clinging to guns and religion” remark- in the process offending and insulting a large population.
And obviously you are making a joke-albeit a sick one -that Al queda is conservative because they carry guns- no, they hijack planes and murder 3,000 men ,women and children-but “that’s another topic”.
That you support a lying, racist ,spineless, cry-baby Facist that doesn’t have the balls to take responsibilty for his own actions- [no one forced him to run for president, did they?]is your business.
You, Janine Garafolo and the other liberals just can’t
understand why almost 50% of this country despise this man- so ,we must be racists? His poll # ‘s are dismal across the country,and you blame the south? He is deliberately,systematically destroying this country-that’s quite enough for us to run this pig out of office.
The arrogance and ignorance of your statements are stunning. The racism coming from your “president”-he’s not mine- and the elitism from you just reaffirms why the country is turning against you and yours.
Let me guess- you LOVE Msnbc, Chris MathewsJon Stewart, Letterman, Daily Kos,etc ,right?
Keep drinking the kool-aid-we’ll talk again in 3 1/2 years.

I do like most of your comics-your’e just misguided-bless your heart.

Again, with the heart blessing. So I’ve been set straight at last. I wish she had written sooner.


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  1. >How nice that she points out Obama is "your president – not mine," thereby indicating that she's not an American. That's a relief. I'd hate to think that any of my fellow countrymen could be so woefully, poisonously ignorant.

  2. >Dan,I got the play on words right away…but the response you posted is a mind-boggling misinterpretation/overthinking of the cartoon. A non sequitir, at best. Yikes. Stranger than most of the negative criticism you get here (which also boggles the mind).MiléPS: I liked the cartoon.

  3. >Please note: there are also liberals (who happen to be of the Christian faith, and live in the South) who also use the phrase "bless your heart" and really mean it in a kind and caring way…

  4. >Here in Brazil we're passing by the same things. The "elite" (i forgot the english word for what i'm talking about… middle class?) hate Lula because his not like the avarage presidents – he's poor, came from northeast, never went to college… – and, impressively, the speach is THE SAME thing that ladie did. They're close-minded and doesn't have sense of humour.sorry fot the terrible english.Cheers,Carol

  5. >She'd get charged a lot of fees at airports for all that extra baggage she is carrying around.It's amazing the amount of clap-trap someone can bring into a simple statement.

  6. >I don't know, Dan, I just thought it was a quick and easy way of showing a person who takes their wine very seriously. The thought never popped into my head that this was a "jab at conservative Americans." Maybe if you had put him in hemp clothing and Birkenstocks with a long ponytail and a beard, he wouldn't have been mistaken for a conservative American. But, the suit and the coiffed hair is a dead giveaway for a conservative American ::wink wink::We all know liberals don't wear polos. See, I can make generalities too :) Anyway, keep up the good work.

  7. >My aunt actually just explained the "Bless your heart" line to me. She said that a Southern Woman can say anything she wants about anyone, just as long as she ends it with "Bless your/her/his heart," then that completely makes it OK. This is now one of my favorite ways to end a sentence, condescending or not, and I am neither southern nor a woman.

  8. >Wow! That is one crazy lady! What I find interesting is the way some people form an opinion of others based on who they follow in the media. I mean, I listen to Rush Limburger occasionaly just to hear what he's up to, but I almost never agree with him. So, what does that make me?

  9. >I thought that criticizing the commander-in-chief in a time of war gives aid and comfort to the enemy???Apparently that reader/victim fully supports the Taliban. Amazing.

  10. >Her side trashed and ruined the country and much of what it stood for for 8 years, at the hands of a scarily shallow thinker who ruled from his gut, because he was too lazy to rule from his head (that is, when his veep wasn't really ruling) and she has the nerve to spout off this diatribe? Bless her little brain.

  11. >I like how she keeps on saying that Obama is racist. So strange. I was listening to NPR about the "mobs" descending on the town hall meetings and how hateful these people have been. Some of them were burning their congressman in effigy and drawing tombstones with their names on it on signs. One of their representatives was interviewed on NPR and she said that they have done nothing worse than what was done to Bush. I do not understand anyone who thinks that being so hateful to our representatives gets anything accomplished.

  12. >In the Deep South the phrase "bless (his/her/your) heart" is often used as a term of high condescension (it's more or less the same as saying "I guess you can't help being that stupid/ugly/whatever I've just put you down for).Of course it's subtle and has to do as much with context and tone of voice and who is saying it about whom: someone who says, "that little baby girl is just the cutest thing I ever saw, bless her heart!" most likely means just what they're saying; whereas someone who says "well, she TRIES, bless her heart" might mean: "she's making an effort but is so f*&king incompetent that she couldn't find her own @ss with both hands and a map" or (again depending on tone and context) "if that useless idiot were making any less effort she's be ASLEEP!"Likewise if someone just says "bless your heart" by itself they might mean: "thank you, that was thoughtful" or they might mean "you f*&ckwit, you don't have the I.Q. God gave a brick, do you?"This youtube video sums up some of the finer points of Southern Trash Talking perfectly:http://www.youtube.com/v/-o2ztPeDKIA&hl=en&fs=1You'll notice that she's speaking in front of a Southern audience and they're cracking up because they all know exactly what she's talking about: the backhanded compliment and the snide cutting remark are considered art forms down here :)

  13. >Well, 'bless your heart' is either an indication that she doesn't mean to offend you personally, or she has a counter-balancing tourette's syndrome. 95% dark, 5% sacchrine.

  14. >Man, people find Obama in EVERYTHING. It's like Disney's habit of hiding Mickey mouse in their cartoons, but at least for them, it's intentional.

  15. >Dan-Bless her… I have to admit I felt like writing a letter or two like that during the last administration LOL.The good news (as Sarah Palin used to remind us every day) is thank god for our great american troops out there defending our right to say such things !!!Bless you, too, Dan …tom

  16. >The title was not "hateful wino" but "wine extremist". As a gun collector and enthusiast I take offense! It appears that Bizarro must consider gun owners as extremists or why would it include a rifle for an example??? What does a rifle have to do with extremism?? Would guzzling down the wine be a better example rather than sniffing it? Tom Selleck is also a gun enthusiast but people do not consider him an extremist. Was this intended to be anti-gun? Please clarify this.

  17. >The cartoon makes me think about the difference between a nature lover, who uses a camera to shoot wild game, and Dick Cheney with a shotgun. (bless his heart)

  18. >"Bless your heart" is one of my favorite phrases in the English language. It is usually precluded by a huge, horrible insult! In this case, nothing really actually seems very insulting, at least not to you. It's like she was writing to someone else entirely. It's funny that she likes your comic, overall. Bless her heart.

  19. >@Milé – To overthink things, one must first do some thinking. I see no evidence of thinking in these two missives; they don't even past the Turing Test. I could write a random sentence generator, feed it catchphrases from Fox News, and get the same result.

  20. >Wow. People like that scare me! And BTW, I'm a white, Southern Lady!Has the world just gone crazy? We had to swallow 8 years of W's crap – and people weren't screaming the this "wasn't their America". I just can't believe how the Republicans are such sore losers!I'm proud to be an Independent! I vote for the person who I feel will do the best job, not because of insane ideology!

  21. >Obviously, stumbling onto a comic strip without a sense of humorous detachment…is like falling down a staircase holding a loaded n' cocked shotgun–but only as a metaphor!In moments like these, our brains could sure use a "safety switch." But bless the NRA, because they really do try…So I was hoping the wine extremist had fashioned a molotov cocktail from the bottle…

  22. >Holy FUCK. I'm going to need some time to mull this over, at least until the twitching stops. That might take 3 1/2 years…And the cartoon was cute. May that oddball get a papercut from it in hopes that she spends just a few moments away from the media to tend the wound and maybe THINK a little…

  23. >Was this woman's name 'Emily Litella'? I liked the part about "spineless, cry-baby Fascist" since history is rife with examples of ths breed. ;)The charge of 'racist' is also strange — Obama has a black father and a white mother — does he hate half of himself?My psychologist friend has the occasional patient who rants and raves about a neighbor, co-worker or close relative in this incoherent, scattershot fashion. After getting to know the person better, she realizes the patient is really talking about him or herself. 'Projection' is the layman's term, but my friend has some other polysyllabic term for it I can't recall just now. Therapy can help, but I doubt your correspondent, or Glenn Beck, will ever seek out treatment for their condition.Untreated, the patient can develop acute paranoia and persecution complexes which may then lead them to commit violent acts against others as they try to purge themselves of the hatred that is within them. (We have seen some of this already with the gunman's attack on the Unitarian Church in Knoxville, TN, last year; Dr. Tiller's murder; the killing of the three Pittsburgh cops, etc.) Of course, it never works, anymore than cutting off someone else's arm will cure you of the gangrene affecting your own arm.BTW, I have not received wingnut hate email with 'Bless your heart' as a closer, but I did receive one where the guy wished that I "Have a Nice Day, Jose!" after telling me to die a miserable, painful death from brain cancer and a plague of maggots consuming my flesh, and then end up rotting in hell for eternity. I chalked it up to an attempt at humorous irony, although I may have been giving him too much credit.

  24. >She got it all wrong. The proper phrase is, "Bless your little pumpkin heart". Audio translation: "Bless yer lil punkin hawrt!!!!"I once laughed my ass off over a woman in the winner's circle at the Kentucky Derby who had the biggest, ugliest, nastiest hat perched on her noggin. The hat probably cost more than I make in one month, and this woman, not only being a part of a "sport" I loathe and think should be completely abolished but swanky enough to be in the winner's circle, clearly thought she was the bee's very knees with that abomination plopped on top of her head. It amused me to think that she would have been mortified to the point of having a case of the vapors, had she known that a broke, hippie, vegetarian, granola girl in Colorado was laughing at her.I think Miss Bless Your Heart would have the same reaction to this thread, which, frankly, blesses my heart. Like, really a lot.In the words of an ACTUAL "lying, racist ,spineless, cry-baby Facist that doesn't have the balls to take responsibilty for his own actions," President, "Mission Accomplished!":-DP.S. In the spirit of finding the symbol's in your comics, I see five spelling/grammatical/typing errors in the quote above.

  25. >Wow, I miss one day….!I cannot believe the hatred dripping off of this human being. And Obama has only been in office for 200 days? Wowzer! Talk about projection? Obama is a racist? Obama? Why? Do these people understand the concept? I truly am afraid for this country. These nutjobs are armed, racist, and convinced that "they" are taking over. When "they" are the "they".

  26. >In a series of 'brainwashing' experiments in the '50s and '60s, test subjects were isolated and continually fed conflicting, emotionally-charged information. Eventually, nearly every one of the subjects of this experiment broke down and became irrationally angry and incoherent.If you get all of your 'news' from Fox, Rush, Glenn and the other Boys in the Gland Band, I think you're suffering from a similar mental and emotional conflict, with similar results.Esquire has this related piece up:"When Did Americans Turn into a Bunch of Raving Lunatics?"Esquire, Aug. 4, 2009http://www.esquire.com/the-side/richardson-report/obama-birthers-movement-part-one-080409

  27. >OK, as someone who carries a couple of 45 1911 singlestacks (making me a bit of a gun nut) I would like to point out that I think this cartoon is funny as hell.(We vegetarians have to stick together, eh?)Continue Sir and GSM speed.

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