Founding Relationship Stink Island Crow Finger



(To make this cartoon as big as the constitution, click on Washington’s nose.)

Bizarro is brought to you by The Politics of Fear.

I wanted to publish this cartoon closer to July 4 because it would be in keeping with the theme of the holiday but it didn’t come to me until too late. Still, the 15th isn’t so bad and the constitution wasn’t signed on the 4th anyway (that was the Declaration of Independence), so who cares?

Here’s a very odd cartoon that I won’t bother explaining. There is no special information you need to know to understand this cartoon, it just is what it is. If you don’t get it, don’t worry about it. I suspect most of my Jazz Pickles will find it amusing for the right reasons.

A friend recently told me he didn’t think my cartoons are as surreal as they used to be. I hope he sees this one. :o)


This was a really difficult one to fit into the strip format so I cut it up into scenes. I’m not sure how well it works, but it was my only option.





If you’ve never been in a car with one of those godawful, stench-filled pine tree cut-outs that are supposed to make your car smell “good,” you’re probably reading this from a hut in a jungle somewhere. This cartoon is a simple switcharoo, a time-honored technique in cartooning.





Another age-old member of the Cartoon Hall of Cliche Premises is the desert island. Here, I make it intensely self referential and squeeze just a bit more humor out of the category. Or, at least, I thought so.







A scarecrow is so named because it is designed to scare crows. So what is an object designed to scare scarecrows called? Now you know.








This last cartoon needs no explanation but that’s not my style. If you’re marrying a traditional cartoon character, to avoid this kind of embarrassing moment during your wedding be prepared for a three-fingered hand and agree well ahead of the ceremony upon which finger you will place the ring. And be sure the ring is huge. Three-fingered cartoon characters almost always have proportionately large, chubby, sausage fingers.

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32 thoughts on “Founding Relationship Stink Island Crow Finger

  1. Looks like you’re back from Comic-Con (unless you’re blogging in your hotel room).

    I also like self-referential comics, so don’t stop.

    My biggest curiosity is how you fit “Do you always have to be right?” (7-14-12) into the strip format. I’d love to see that.

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  3. Something self-referential and punny: Top Drawer! That’s you: the best draw-er on the funnies page. And you can use that for your Sunday Punnies if you like with my first name. Maybe you can do an Escher-esh 2 self-portrait drawing each other. It must have taken a week to finish drawing the Framers cartoon.

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  5. First, I love that you drew yourself as Madison, but why did you leave out the glasses and the goatee, and add weight?

    Second, I always wanted to ask–when you do the self-referential, do you scan and use the copied image for the picture-in-picture, or do you miniaturize yourself to half-size and then redraw it exactly the same way?

    No, seriously, do you copy, or redraw? Thanks.

  6. The “Do you always have to be right?” made me remember another cartoon I saw many years ago (different artist) that was a wee bit similar. The scene was a crowded restaurant with a very concerned looking waiter standing by the table. The woman was under the table, opposite the man, with just her legs sticking out from under the table cloth. The man is saying to the waiter — “It’s OK, she’s my wife.” Maybe that was this same couple only as newlyweds? It’s sad to see that now the honeymoon is obviously over.

  7. First of all, greetings from Brasil!

    I follow ur RSS for a long time, huge fan.

    Just wanted to let you know the “u´re always right” panel was a lot easier to understand in the horizontal format! A LOT!


  8. I really enjoy all of your cartoons that I have seen but “Do you always have to be right?” is phenomenal! It doesn’t matter what you had in mind when you drew it, it stands on it’s own!

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  10. Hey Dan!

    Just want to give a shout out from Madrid, I love you work, extremely clever.. you have so many damn brilliant ideas!! Thanks for updating your blog regularly! I’m always entertained by it (and look forward to the next day)



      • Oh wow, not easy being a vegan in Madrid.. and if you’re also gluten and lactose intolerant and don’t speak a word of spanish then you might as well be in a spacesuit on Mars :)

        India (my origin) on the other hand is a great place for vegans!

  11. I took the last panel from the top cartoon and made it look like it had committed a crime–a crime it had not actually committed. So, yes, I framed the unframed framed framers of the constitution.

    Wonderful work, btw. Bloody wonderful.

  12. I am married, but if I wasn’t and was going to have a mixed marriage, I would put the ring on the finger next to the little finger.

  13. I scanned “stink” and “finger” in the post title and immediately wondered what the stink was on Jefferson’s finger that he was holding out under the nose of the next signer.

    And the wife in the last panel is going to give me nightmares.

  14. I didn’t get the woman & man thing because I was viewing it on me iPhone. Every time I tried to rotate it to gain understanding, my phone insisted on rotating it back! So I don’ t get it. Please don’t send these to my iPhone any more.

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  16. These were all mind bending.. wake up from a silly dream… am I going crazy with pictures in my head like this…distortions of my already distorted reality……..cartoons!!! and Funny ,too!!

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