Patch Reptile Flea Crow Funeral Hotel Marriage


(For a largerized version of this cartoon, click on any eye patch.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Organic Hairdo.

Someone has been too busy this week to post on his blog. Someone is sorry. Someone is making up for it by posting all of the cartoons from this week. Someone hopes you enjoy them.

Love and kisses,  Someone








Turtles are slow, get it?









This is a variation of a famous line from a famous movie called “Casablanca.” Get it?










Old Crow is a kind of whiskey and scarecrows “chase” crows. Get it?











Most people usually say “morning” person. Get it?










Cats like to sleep in funny places. Get it?










Oh my. I wonder what his preference is. Get it?


35 thoughts on “Patch Reptile Flea Crow Funeral Hotel Marriage

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  3. Danny, you don’t have to ask if we “get it?”. You are so witty. Your audience can figure out your humor.

  4. Someone had to read your “free wife eye” comic several times before “getting it”. Someone is uncomfortable with that much audience participation and is unsure if that much unguided thinking is even healthy. Someone is now reading Garfield and is breathing more easily. Thanks for explaining all of the other ones. Someone likes that you’re taunting them.

  5. This someone is very happy you posted these. I saw the “Free Wife Eye” cartoon and laughed my butt off immediately. Matter of fact, I’m still chuckling (and groaning)! We have the same sense of humor. Showed it to my husband and he didn’t get it. After one l-o-n-g minute, he still didn’t get it. Now I am laughing at him, too! I had to explain it to him. And guess what. He’s laughing!

    Thanks for the chuckles! xo

  6. This someone is looking at all those bits of blueberry pie lying around, wondering whether they’re going to attract ants …

  7. Love your Work ! I loved the cat comic.

    Once saw a cat sleep on scissors ! and free Wife eye !

    Rolling on the floor laughing when i read “Show and text” last week !

    Truly hilarious style !

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  9. I carefully studied this (punny) cartoon panel and it appears that Dan has done something different with his special symbols. It appears that in conjunction with the pun on the sign that he has used the eyeball symbol twice. It appears in the still life painting and also appears as the lamp finial. Is there another way to obtain the eight symbols indicated? P.S. The magazine titles are witty as well.

  10. What is it you’ve been so busy with, Dan? It couldn’t be your incredible new television show I keep hearing about, could it?

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  12. I finally got the lead out and am writing you a fan letter. You have made me laugh consistently for many years. I write a weekly column and know how hard it is for the average person to keep coming up with gold. You are definitely an above average person. I read about your stand up appearance too late to attend but would love to see you live and in person sometime. Rock on!


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  14. loved them all and the little “tidbits’ in EACH cartoon, like the pie, a bunny with his face pressed against the window, a stick of light dynamite and other such “ha ha…hmmmms..”

  15. Thanks for the humour: it’s a lot of fun! But one of the postings has left me very worried; can other people honestly read the magazine titles in the waiting room? If so, unless they have 4-ft screens, I’d better head to the optometrist’s myself!


    P.S. – Would you mind indicating them in reply for the visually challenged among us?

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